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1000 little decisions: lines and lines.

hey y’all. I’ve been making these photographs of book covers I made this winter for the spring line at anthropologie. This was an interesting group of work to make and then let go of because even though there were 1000 or so made, every cover was completely one of a kind. I found myself making […]

1000 little decisions

Hey there y’all, I hope the holidays have been good to you thus far. A new year is almost here and I do love the possibilities that always brings. Clean slates on which a million and one new ideas, choices, thoughts and decisions can be made and experimented with. It’s kind of thrilling yet exhausting […]

poppytalk’s lookbook is up and running.

Check out Poppytalk’s lookbook if you can. There is a great array of beautiful hand made wonders in there. It just feels lovely, like autumn. [issuu width=600 height=400 pageNumber=10 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111019215745-a0dbceaf22e343f29c49e594454441f4 name=indie_love username=poppytalk tag=art unit=px id=1de88112-1bba-23ac-3fa2-f459d5db91d6 v=2]