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1000 little decisions

Hey there y’all, I hope the holidays have been good to you thus far. A new year is almost here and I do love the possibilities that always brings. Clean slates on which a million and one new ideas, choices, thoughts and decisions can be made and experimented with. It’s kind of thrilling yet exhausting […]

it takes a village (part II of what i did on my summer vacation)

The summer started off with me buying copious amounts of paper, board and glue while also trying to line up interns and helpers. I knew most of my juniors would be busy with internships so luckily as fate would have it, Sara Lenton, graduating senior + foodie extraordinaire  (shown below amidst the 12 boxes she […]

what I did on my summer vacation

Happy first weeks of school y’all. This means summer is over. I really did have the best summer. I look back and I think wow, I can’t believe it’s over and I can’t believe I got to spend it with so many amazing people making art. If every summer could be this way, I couldn’t […]

new books at anthropologie this autumn.

Well the day has come. roughdrAftbooks have been spotted out in the world, once again with the help of good ole anthropologie who is including them as part of the autumn stationery assortment which is found online and in stores across the country starting, er —right now. These books are the product of a long […]