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just drive or bye bye summer.

Hey y’all, it’s about that time for summer to leave us again. For those of us whose lives are still somehow affected by the weight of that news, I just wanted to take a moment. For me, this was a good summer, full of work but equally full of play. I love the permission summer […]

crushes i wholeheartedly endorse or just giving thanks a little early

Happy autumn y’all. The holidays are almost upon us and I don’t know about you but I haven’t taken the time to really digest all of summer and early fall yet. But alas, time marches, so I am going to recap the past three months here on the left coast while giving thanks to the […]

a real crush on future weather

Good morning, happy Friday to all. These crush posts are usually about people I love and admire from afar: musicians, trees, songs, painters, cheese, I know, I know, my love knows no bounds. However, today I am compelled to write about a real person, someone a little closer to home. All of my crush admiration […]

who’s got a crush?

It’s been so long since I wrote a crush post. I have had so many it’s almost impossible to catch up. First off, let me just say I know it’s not fair to group these crushes. They aren’t getting the extreme love and attention they deserve, but it’s been too long, I have to catch […]

explore. plan. leverage.

I love getting jobs where cool companies like this are helping other people reach their full potential. KHR solutions is based outside Philadelphia and is aimed at helping people, namely women, become leaders. Kim Huggins, President of this awesome company, is running a series of coaching workshops and wanted some custom journals for the participants. […]

poppytalk’s lookbook is up and running.

Check out Poppytalk’s lookbook if you can. There is a great array of beautiful hand made wonders in there. It just feels lovely, like autumn. [issuu width=600 height=400 pageNumber=10 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111019215745-a0dbceaf22e343f29c49e594454441f4 name=indie_love username=poppytalk tag=art unit=px id=1de88112-1bba-23ac-3fa2-f459d5db91d6 v=2]

a few small good things.

hello there! Every year as autumn hits the east coast, it seems my world tends to speed up in huge degrees. School starts, volunteer stuff increases, holiday prep work for books goes into full blast, you name it. So in an effort to write something, here are a few amazingly good small things I’ve been […]

it takes a village (part II of what i did on my summer vacation)

The summer started off with me buying copious amounts of paper, board and glue while also trying to line up interns and helpers. I knew most of my juniors would be busy with internships so luckily as fate would have it, Sara Lenton, graduating senior + foodie extraordinaire  (shown below amidst the 12 boxes she […]

what I did on my summer vacation

Happy first weeks of school y’all. This means summer is over. I really did have the best summer. I look back and I think wow, I can’t believe it’s over and I can’t believe I got to spend it with so many amazing people making art. If every summer could be this way, I couldn’t […]

on crushes, consistency and Alice Smith

About a month ago I had the pleasure of attending a blog workshop at Moore College of Art & Design hosted by the AIGA Philadelphia chapter and the blogger Oh Joy! Now for most that have visited this space, you already know I am not the most prolific blogger, sometimes my presence can be a […]