1000 little decisions: lines and lines.

by eb

hey y’all. I’ve been making these photographs of book covers I made this winter for the spring line at anthropologie. This was an interesting group of work to make and then let go of because even though there were 1000 or so made, every cover was completely one of a kind. I found myself making lots of images and scans of these books because I think on some level I didn’t want to part with them. Each drawing made led me to another I wanted to persue. I kept feeling like I needed to record them all, take notes, in case I was missing something I would need later on. There were even a handful of books I physically kept this time around because I couldn’t let them go. I just made more to replace them. Each one was individual and I couldn’t have replicated it if I wanted to (thank goodness I don’t). These little guys just are what they are and that’s why I always come back to making them. They force my brain to make all these tiny little decisions that lead to millions of other ideas. They open up the way for ideas to come in.

It was nice to make so many of these drawings at once though, to see such a huge group of them together. I love the idea of 1000 different ways to see the same thing.